Hear how our clients were able to take charge of their own recovery with the help of Advanced Recovery Institute.

Thrive and move forward with recovery

“This place is amazing to regain balance in your life! I had the most amazing therapist here. The food is unbeatable! The group sessions and private counseling were both very helpful.” -S.B.

“My name is Mike, my stay at Advanced Recovery Institute began after incredibly traumatizing events in my life made it difficult for me to function at a normal level without experiencing flashbacks. To start, the facility is as beautiful as advertised in terms of the look and feel of the main house. It is expansive and accommodations and amenities are exactly as described by the owners and staff.” -Mike S.

“I checked myself into Advanced Recovery Institute in Encino after having used for more than 13 years. This place has saved my life in more ways than I can count. The staff’s investment in my recovery is unparalleled. The facility and program are custom tailored to help those in need no matter what your background may be. I had never been in any treatment center before and am glad I chose Advanced Recovery Institute. I’m grateful beyond words for their service in treating my addiction.” -F.K.

“Advanced Recovery Institute in Encino is a major reason why I’m clean today. I went in barely hanging on and left with a new outcome towards life. Afsaneh and Sima had the utmost patience with me, despite not being the easiest client to deal with. Between always wanting to leave and complaining about this and that, Advanced Recovery Institute never gave up on me.” -J.S.

“Advanced Recovery Institute saved my life! And it wasn’t the beautiful house, pool, or even all that amazing food. It was the people who brought me back to life… Sima: She’s truly special and her ability to lead, manage, AND unquestionably motivate, encourage, care at the same time is something I watched with awe every single day.” -A.D.

“I found the bit of sanity I had left after this last rough run, a little peace of mind, hope and the desire to finally love myself at Advanced Recovery Institute. The combination of love, respect, understanding of the disease and the addicts mind along with proper detox meds and a safe comfortable environment allows the addict to be vulnerable and finally begin the healing process.” -T.R.

“I was blessed to have had the privilege to stay at Advanced Recovery Institute in Encino for 9 months. The facilities are wonderful. It’s not your locked-up rehab facility. I was able to walk to groups, gym, yoga, and did I mention the great food! It’s all there. Admin works with you. They want you to succeed. I am an alcoholic. I stopped Nov 02, 2018. Advanced Recovery Institute supported everything I wanted to try. Offered AA, and I went as often as I could go to different meetings in the Encino area. Advanced Recovery Institute is one of the best decisions I’ve made for my sobriety in a long time. The staff is always checking in on us and making sure our needs are met. Nothing but professionalism is seen around the facility.” -J.R.

Advanced Recovery Institute
Tarzana California